Alejandra Cabrera Abasolo delves into some new acid techno to soothe you in these uncertain times.

Released last Friday, Rico Casazza’s new EP arrives just at the right time. First Law presents three tracks of mysterious and minimal techno with a strong acid attitude, presented under a layer of airy atmosphere that’s sure to keep you dancing. 

First Law comes just a few months after the Italian artist’s debut EP Purplewave, a more eclectic release described by Casazza as “electro with emotional overtones, from grunge rock flavour to electro dub aesthetic”. 

In his latest offering, the London-based producer presents more of a minimal formula than in previous works. First Law seems to have the capital’s dance floors in mind, alluding to a feeling of nostalgic excitement as you enter these spaces.

The title track, which opens the EP, begins with a powerful and hopeful groovy beat that falls into an acid bass that serves as an atmospheric element. Making you forget these precarious times by allowing you back into London’s unique nightlife, “First Law” begins the EP perfectly, daring you not to to get up and dance to it.

The journey continues through to second track “Sink Flute”, which encompasses a more organic sound with a tribal-infused intro played throughout the background of a more minimal techno piece. The depth of this track reinforces the producer’s signature style, building upon the futuristic atmosphere he’s creating for us. 

Continuing with our trip down memory lane comes the third and final track, “204”, anchored by a rich acid bassline. The song leaves you with the taste of a rave’s beginnings, the air hot with bodies and filled with anticipation for the night ahead. “204” is a conversation with the dancers, it invites them to that moment of being lost in the music, to flying.

First Law displays the evolution of styles Casazza has developed in his prior work. Where previously he seemed headed toward a particular style – whether it be the proper techno of tracks like 2017’s “Groove Powa “or the more dance and electro-tinged “Yaman” from 2016 – First Law embodies influences from a whole host of genres, synthesising them into a more minimalist approach that works to perfection. 

Listen to Casazza’s EP below and follow the London-based Italian artist for more upcoming tunes on Facebook or Spotify. 


Alejandra Cabrera Abasolo is a freelance journalist and contributing writer for Threads Radio. 

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