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Introducing: the mermaid café

Coinciding with the release of their debut single, Sidney Franklyn takes a peek into the delicate little world carved out by the experimental pop duo. Joanna Ward and Ruari Paterson-Achenbach performing at the 2019 Queens' Arts Festival. Photograph by Evelina Gumileva...

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Threads* International – 11/12-Jul-20

A 37 hour non-stop AudioVisual stream bringing together 6 locations from across the globe. Sharing music and visual art in solidarity. Expect visual artists pairing with local musicians, left-of-centre sounds accompanied by extraterrestrial sightings, and immersive...

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Bonasforsa Live at EartH – 13-Mar-20

In history, Bonasforsa was a 16th century Polish queen of Italian origin, and in present it's also the Italo-Polish electronic duo Krzysztof Kozber and Rico Casazza. Bonasforsa will perform tracks from their new upcoming album and also some bits from their debut long...

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Threads* livestream from Space.Zero Russia – 22-Feb-20

TIMETABLE (GMT+2) 22:00 GRST LIVE (UK) | 20:00 GMT23:00 MLLFFN LIVE (RU) | 21:00 GMT00:00 ukhao LIVE (RU) | 22:00 GMT01:00 Peter Kirn LIVE (US/DE) feat. Valentin Tszin Dancing (RU/DE) | 23:00 GMT02:00 Ewa Justka LIVE (PL/UK) | 00:00 GMT03:00 Kamikaze Space Programme...

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Definition Hardcore: Channelling Nineties Discourse

Following last month's German trance feature, Biodegradable Soundsystem's second edition sees Eleanor Bickers map the shifting tides of digital hardcore. Molly Macindoe, A New Year’s Eve, Mill Mead Road, Tottenham Hale, London (1997) Photograph © Molly Macindoe, 1997....

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ALBUM REVIEW: Balm – Mauve (2020)

Sidney Franklyn gets to grips with the ambient duo’s sensory debut. Cover art by Roman Serra (@rserrarserra) Mauve, the debut album from Amsterdam-based ambient duo Balm, is an exercise in restraint. Every moving part faultlessly enacts its own appointed function;...

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Introducing: MUNDI Festival

Federico Zonno is the artistic director of MUNDI, a music festival that takes place at the Norman Hohenstaufen Castle, in Southern Italy. Threads’ Alex H Honey caught up with Federico to talk building a utopia, multiculturalism in music, and the 'Global South'. Hi...

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