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WondRWomN: Interview (with Alejandra Cabrera)

  North London rapper WondRWomN is back with the demure and sultry single “Table 4 1” her first single release of 2019, which is presented as her most honest track yet.       Mary Otumahana is a talented artist on the rise and an inspiration for women in the creative...

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‘Funny Ha Her’ by Jo Scott (The ConnyJoJo Show)

    BEAKING: Funny women exist.       I’ve had the privilege, as a comedy night promotor and emcee, to meet a plethora of such fearless creatures. And let’s face it, no matter what gender you are, it is utterly terrifying: getting up on to a stage, in front of a mic,...

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TjC: Wearable art sustainable fashion show

  Creative expression and the human condition are intrinsically linked. One informs the other and the resulting explorations can illuminate our ideas about what it means to ‘be’. In 2019 there is still significant stigma surrounding what happens in our minds, is there...

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Threads*MKC Pop Up – Day & Night (02/03/19)

Threads* is the second stream of Threads, a radio station with studio bases in London & Berlin, curating a unique & diverse selection of music, also providing a platform for a range of social, political & comedic talk-based content. Threads*MKC is the radio's first...

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SISU Presents: International Women’s Day Celebration 2019

    Artistic celebration for International Women's Day!   SISU  have been blessed with the space at Studio 9294 to celebrate International Women's Day. We are hosting a selection of week long events leading up to a huge celebration on Friday March 8th!   Alongside our...

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Threads at SET Dalston (02/03/19)

Threads Radio have teamed up with the wonderful crew at SET Dalston to help herald the beginning of Spring with an amazing line-up of Threads DJs. ---------------- - Josh Caffe - Official (Night Sheen / Love Child) Josh Caffé is an...

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Threads*Kreuzberg Pop Up – Club Night (02/02/19)

Threads*Kreuzberg - Club Night 23:59-10:00 (GMT) Köpernicker Strasse 20 - more details TBA 6 euros OTD--------- HERE WE GO! Threads is a brand new radio station, curating a unique and diverse selection of music, alongside providing a platform for a range of social,...

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Threads*ZK/U Pop Up – All-Day Stream (02/02/19)

Threads*ZK/U is a sister-studio of radio station, Threads (London). It builds on the dynamic interconnectivity of the ZK/U Berlin echoing its drive towards meaning-creation and disruption in the urban sphere. Threads is a new radio station based in Tottenham, London,...

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The Omega Point (Interview with Alexandra Moon)

The Omega Point – Interview with Alexandra Moon (by Al Ballentyne)     I had heard of The Omega Point through friends, they are an ‘audio visual dream’ concocted by Melbourne based Mexican/Australian duo Paul del Sol and Alexandra Moon. Sol and Moon see the artist’s...

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