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Introducing: Armed With Bow

Having premiered a new mixtape on his show Through the F-Hole, cellist and electronic composer Will Langstone spoke with Sidney Franklyn. Will in Walthamstow Forest. Photograph taken by Alex Merriam. ++this article is a partial transcript of a phone interview that...

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Threads Studio Re-Opening Party – 28-Aug-20

In the middle of March, the Threads base in London paused its operations due to Covid-19. The station's operations didn't stop though - in the 5 months since, our community has spread out into 100s of pop-up studios, broadcasting and recording from home to keep the...

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ALBUM REVIEW (+ Interview): Eki Shola – Essential (2020)

Following the release of her new album Essential, the singer and multi-instrumentalist decrypts the project for Sidney Franklyn. Essential (2020), the new album by Eki Shola. The myth of the ‘tortured artist’ is a trope so familiar to our collective consciousness that...

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Introducing: Milly on Air

Alejandra Cabrera Abasolo spoke to the presenter and DJ about her show, her music library and her inspirations. Milly's headshot for the DJ collective Sisu. Milly Chowles has always had a passion for music and community radio, which is displayed in her monthly shows...

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Elephant Disco Wants You to “Get Righteous”

Yasmine Akim discovers the fuel to the nu-disco trio's fire, as they unveil the new music video for their debut single. Elephant Disco photographed by Youyang Yu. Released on May 27th this year, “Get Righteous” is the debut single from Elephant Disco. Written and...

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Introducing: the mermaid café

Coinciding with the release of their debut single, Sidney Franklyn takes a peek into the delicate little world carved out by the experimental pop duo. Joanna Ward and Ruari Paterson-Achenbach performing at the 2019 Queens' Arts Festival. Photograph by Evelina Gumileva...

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Threads* International – 11/12-Jul-20

A 37 hour non-stop AudioVisual stream bringing together 6 locations from across the globe. Sharing music and visual art in solidarity. Expect visual artists pairing with local musicians, left-of-centre sounds accompanied by extraterrestrial sightings, and immersive...

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Bonasforsa Live at EartH – 13-Mar-20

In history, Bonasforsa was a 16th century Polish queen of Italian origin, and in present it's also the Italo-Polish electronic duo Krzysztof Kozber and Rico Casazza. Bonasforsa will perform tracks from their new upcoming album and also some bits from their debut long...

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