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Próximo: Logic of the what, mate?

A conversation/email rant, between Ruaridh Law and Max Bacharach, 02.2021 Max Bacharach: Plagues, techno, Mr Blobby and Jacques Lacan. . . where do we begin? Lacan said "nothing exists except insofar as it does not exist" – maybe we should begin there? Ruaridh Law:...

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Próximo: The Backstory

A lot has changed within my mind in the week since I conducted my interview with Luke Handsfree. Luke is the DJ and Promoter behind Techno night Plex, and the open-ended event series (plotting the sonic course between Techno and Jungle) Próximo in the years since. He...

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OOH-sounds Are Prepared to “Leave No Trace”

On Saturday 13th March, Peder Mannerfelt, Glass, Holy Similaun, FRKTL and more will join OOH-sounds for their new audiovisual project Leave No Trace: unethical camping in the network, in collaboration with Threads*TAKEOVER. Over Our Heads. That’s the backronym for...

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Introducing: Próximo

Will Soer meets Luke Handsfree to learn all about last October's storming and boundary-cutting Próximo takeover on Threads*. Próximo is a really special night. Well, it’s not always a night; some of the events have run from 4pm to 2am. . . They span a whole mixture of...

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Introducing: The Mandem Podcast

Threads' Tice Cin caught up with the show's four regular hosts to talk politics, perspective and giving back to your community. Increasingly, limitations in representation within realms such as TV and mainstream radio are being curtailed by podcasts and their social...

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From Goa to Psy: a Cosmic Pilgrimage 1988-1998

In the last of her Biodegradable Soundsystem series before she takes a short break, Eleanor Bickers finds time to map a whole decade of trance. Vic Zealey, The Transport Library Faithless and Darude spring to mind for the average individual when quizzed with their...

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Introducing: D0g2th & Time94

The 140 Project's abstrktd interviews the two Greek DJs ahead of their appearance on tonight's show. Time94 (left) and D0g2th (right). Hailing from Athens in Greece, Time94 is a wave and neo-grime DJ and producer and part of the team behind the Crystal Orca label....

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