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Profile: DJ Early

  Depending on who you ask, one of Britain’s greatest exports could be considered its rave scene, and in particular the illegal rave scene. From the well documented Second Summer of Love, to the UKG hysteria of the 90s and more recently Croydon’s dubstep renaissance,...

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Interview: A Guy Called Gerald / THINGS DISAPPEAR

THINGS DISAPPEAR host Lee Kirk Fagan with Gerald Simpson   https://soundcloud.com/threadsradio/things-disappear-w-a-guy-called-gerald-22-aug-19   Written by Alejandra Cabrera Abasolo.   House music can’t be understood in the UK without the mentioning the legendary...

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Factor 50 (Charity Single) by Nicholas Rage

https://youtu.be/GFMXUPw1pn0       Nicholas Rage, a local Tottenham resident and born and bred Londoner has an obsession for rather odd music. His recent passion lies in ethnic edits from across the globe, with lyrics being the least of his criteria of musical...

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The Guerrilla Mystic’s Identity Crisis

https://www.mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/the-guerrilla-mystic-w-al-ballentyne-the-prisoner-of-your-identities-03-sep-19/   Something that has become the norm in our society is the idea that we tie our identities to things/objects/places/people/ideas/belief...

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The Amazon Jam w/ Meaney

    Living in Canada, I have seen the first-hand effects of our changing climate - with water levels at record heights and wildfires burning throughout the Arctic. This week I was speaking with my friend João in São Paolo (shout-out Jo-Jo), and a photo he shared of...

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Parasang (A Profile)

  Improvisation, creativity and imagination are the holy trinity of truth in the musical experience. The industry has become obsessed with product over process, especially as the next generation of musicians are on their way up to a gate-kept industry taken over by...

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Urgent Appeal For Information

We are troubled to report that people close to us have been involved in a serious incident at a free party on Hackney Marshes (Sat-Sun 17/18 August) which has left someone seriously injured.   We are sharing the appeal from the authorities for information regarding...

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