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Introducing: Jolliff Seville

Jolliff Seville is readying an EP ‘Don’t Hurt Me’ and has just shared his latest track "Hectic Glow". Tice Cin got in touch with him during London’s ‘rona lockdown to ask about his attitudes to music production, the harmful ways that mental illness can be glamorised,...

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Threads Celebrates International Women’s Day 2020

Threads Radio is celebrating International Women's Day with 24 hours of music, conversation, comedy and examples of individual and collective will making great things happen. We are spotlighting some of the female, trans, FI and NB people already involved with...

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Introducing: Domo Gorille

Tice Cin interviews rapper, artist and designer, Domo Gorille. Domo Gorille recently released his EP ‘The Sublime’, it’s atmospheric, bassy, and comes with big messages about self-discovery, coping with pain and transcendence.

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Introducing: Rhythm Labs

After attending their launch party in Kentish Town, Jed Waldron gets to grips with the budding nightlife collective. Drill, lo-fi, hip hop, tech-house, neo-soul, crank-wave, gabber - who's updating this Wikipedia page? Add a few 'umms' and 'ahhs' in there and it’ll...

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