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Altar b2b Luke Handsfree – The Interview Format

What’s the best way to end a clubnight? Correct answer: a back-to-back session.  I asked Altar if he would like to join me and flex it out for the last set of the Próximo Threads* takeover, and you can hear how much fun it was here: ...

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ALBUM REVIEW: GEORGIA – State Effect (Accel) (2021)

Eleanor Bickers pieces together the rhythmic wreckage of LA / New York based multidisciplinary duo GEORGIA on their latest trip for OOH-sounds. State Effect (Accel) is the latest release by LA / New York musicians GEORGIA, via the north Italian independent imprint...

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Revisit Morley’s Techno Mecca The Orbit

Part of the Biodegradable Soundsystem series, Eleanor Bickers speaks to Jon Nuccle and Mike Humphries, stalwart residents and DJs of the famous yet elusive 90s techno club The Orbit, on their perspective of Leeds’ club culture. Sven Väth 3rd Birthday, The Orbit 1993 -...

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Introducing: Ryan Calais Cameron, Nouveau Riché

Tice Cin spoke to the co-founder of the award-winning theatre company on authenticity, Black British mental health, the everyman and their place in his work. Ryan Calais Cameron Ryan Calais Cameron is a writer, director, actor and producer from Lewisham. With Shivani...

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Introducing: SUTRA

James Gui caught up with SUTRA / СУТРА after their lineup at COMMON MULTIVERSE INITIATIVE to talk about their group, their collectivist ethos, and the future of music in this hyper-capitalist era. ~~~ James Gui: Who is SUTRA, and what kind of artists comprise SUTRA?...

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Introducing: We Are The Ones

Photograph by Patricia Chang Rounding out the lineups for COMMON MULTIVERSE INITIATIVE on Sunday, March 21, Oakland-based mutual aid and arts collective We Are The Ones were reimagining the role of the arts in empowering marginalized communities. Following their set...

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