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The Microminimal takeover w/ Meaney & Arto

  https://www.mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/the-microminimal-takeover-episode-2-w-meaney-artro-threadsroncesvalles-13-aug-19/     The microminimal takeover w/ Meaney & Artro   The microminimal takeover – Episode 2 – Meaney   Today’s mix was inspired by hirō records– dai-3...

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The Microminimal Takeover w/ Meaney & Parting

https://www.mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/the-microminimal-takeover-w-meaney-parting-threadsroncesvalles-30-jul-19/   Introducing: The microminimal takeover The microminimal takeover - Episode 1 - Meaney   Today’s episode is a celebration of summer - Justin and I both...

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‘The tranquil world of Frequency.Fixer’

We explore the imagination of this Ambient world Artist (written by Dominique de Coarmond)   Have you ever laid in bed, no urgency to fall asleep, tired and unfazed? Or you’re trying to channel that inner spiritual being of yours because the positivity on a Monday...

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Minimal with Meaney (Vol 1)

  https://www.mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/minimal-with-meaney-threadsroncesvalles-village-02-jul-19/?fbclid=IwAR11hAKzPe5lhNkoH_tNRLxC-7v3AkhkzLY2EJYp9homMjr_HP47FjA1lto   Introduction   With my debut on Threads*on 2/7/19, I thought I would take the chance to briefly...

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Threads Radio Takeover at Club Makossa (21/06/19)

A showcase of new and old talent from Threads Radio hosted by Club Makossa - a fantastic 100 cap venue right by Dalston Kingsland station. FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT!!! The party kicks off at 10pm and finishes at 3am. This is going to get lively as we've got a bunch of DJs...

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Threads*Krivina – TExN#9Pop-Up Stream, Sofia (21/06/19)

Threads* travels to the Balkans again this weekend, where we're delighted to be hosting our first ever pop-up stream from Bulgaria! Streaming from Airsoft Sofia Field, an incredible location on the outskirts of Sofia, in collaboration with TExN. Showcasing local live...

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Recorded Research 3: Felicty Mangan

    Felicity Mangan is an electro-acoustic musician who works almost exclusively with animal sounds. With releases on Shelter Press and Longform Editions and collaborations with Stine Janvin Joh as Native Instrument and Christina Ertl-Shirley as Plants and Animalia...

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