Noetic Show w/ No3sis – AUBERVILLIERS

Thursday – 22:00-00:00 (CET) – Every 4 weeks


Noesis is a greek philosophical term for a word referring ‘to perception of the mind” in the english wikipedia, as well as defining the disambiguation. In the french Wikipedia, the first definition you can read is “la faculté d’atteindre la vérité par l’intuition”, (the ability to reach the truth through intuition). At a first sigh, this term would not be very useful at a time dominated by Technology and Science. However, talking about Art, this term is particularly relevant, revealing the idiosyncrasy of a philosophical definition depending on your cultural pathway. Even for a concept attempting to define truth. There is no truth in art. Or there are many. Noetic Show is a jungle of no3sis and friends’ songs. A surrogate for the the beauty of relative truths.