Algoritmo is the work of Moreno Ácido.


Sharing music mostly produced by Lisbon-based musicians, giving you a closer look  at the Portuguese scene.

Follow the rules but know how to transgress them. From his early hip-hop beats in the late 1990s to the 2017 EP, “91 FAHRENHEIT” (released on 1980 Lyfers), Moreno Ácido has always been a undisciplined connoisseur…a deviant scholar!


The beginning of his musical journey was back then in the late 1990s, when at the age of 15 he bought an Akai S-20 and started to make hip-hop instrumentals. 10 years later and while living in Milan, he embarked on a new project, the duo Boogaloo, focusing on aesthetic house with more tropical touches. He then re-discovered his love for DJing.


He toured some of the most relevant clubs in Europe and at the end of the duo’s collaboration, he created his latest alter ego, Moreno Ácido.

Moreno Ácido’s release debut was last year with the release of the “91 FAHRENHAIT” EP, under the Portuguese label 1980. A house record with environmental nuances, revealing a maturity, immersing the listener into a combination of torrid and relaxed atmospheres, to be shared on a dance floor, or for introspective moments.