Barry Bungaow’s
Extreme Fetish Club

Monday – 14:00-16:00 (GMT/CET) – Every 4 weeks


Shave your nose, slap a swan and harass a fish. All of these are not necessarily things you should do, but you could if you were overcome by such a questionable urge. There has been a dramatic increase in unrelated incidents in various places occurring over a nondescript measurement of time. However, at BBEFC we aim to distract the average user from all negative effects of societal consumption. Straddling a daring middle ground between obscure cultural references, the in depth exploration of the banal and a sequence of historically expressive and dimensionally representative dances (unfortunately their true majesty is lost to the ages until we get on TV at which point we will reveal that there never were any dances but really you should be thankful for that microsecond of abstract thought where you considered what was a historically expressive and dimensionally expressive dance could indeed be. That answer shall remain unquestioned.)

Barry was once a man of simple pleasures, spending long summers by the warm fire he first published his radical theories on collective educational trends driven by societally imposed wildebeest (since refuted by the national department of the imposition of Wildebeest on situations that bear no bearing on the wildebeest’s function in the ecosystem). Not one to be held back, it wasn’t long before Barry began his journey to the centre of the nexus of nothingness. A continuing mission to seek out new forms of nonsense and to idiotically find amusement in things that may or may not be amusing.

Join Barry and friends on a two hour adventure into the absurd.

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