Come We Grow Radio

Wednesday – 14:00-16:00 (GMT) – Every 4 Weeks


Mona is Co-Director at May Project, a grassroots organisation working with urban communities, to address poverty, disempowerment and access to resources and influence, through creative outreach programmes at youth centres, housing estates, schools, libraries and their community garden in Morden. She’s also Co-Founder of their media channel Untelevised TV dedicated to documenting grassroots work and lesser known initiatives for social change. Come We Grow Radio draws upon her day to day experiences and the challenges faced by community groups she meets, to explore social issues from a wide range of perspectives – including activists, artists, policy makers, youth workers, teachers, etc, to hopefully offer practical solutions and actions people can take to support the featured causes. Highlights from previous shows here:

Come We Grow Radio Showreel