The ConnyJojo Show

Saturday – 10:00-12:00 (GMT) – Every 2 weeks


Listen to Conny and Jojo every second Saturday morning from 10am and start every second weekend with a giggle! Conny and Jojo are stand-up comedians, writers and voice-artists who have spent the last few years honing their radio craft to get right to the heart of the burning questions, often in funny voices: 


What is politicals? 


Are ducks just angry water pigeons?


What is a Skrillex? 


C&J’s previous radio work includes ‘The Sunday Roast w/ Elliot Stewart’ for Wandsworth Radio, ‘The Conors Show for TFM 97.5 FM’, guest appearances on ‘Driving you Homo with Wayne Carter’ and ‘Doctor WHeasel’ and a recent stint with 199 Radio. 


Join them as they open their minds to your ears in a way that is not as disgusting as that sounds. Fun, mischief, music and special guests await!