The Guerrilla Mystic

Tuesday – 10:00-12:00 (GMT) – Every 4 weeks


Things always seem to get conversationally interesting at around 2am so it’s a good idea to record them and broadcast it in the morning, on a Tuesday! Why? Because we should be talking about these things all the time. There should always be the time for heavy chat and on The Guerrilla Mystic show we will be discussing – Mysticism, Esotericism, Metaphysics, Spirituality & Philosophy.


The thing that interests me is how do we find that energy that runs through and binds all things so we can live in further harmony not only with ourselves but with the energy of the universe itself. This is an ambitious exploration of the interconnectivity of all things but discussed in an easy to access way.


The Guerrilla Mystic is an antidote to the Insta-gurus, taking real talk to real places not paying lip service for internet points.




Find out more at: www.facebook.com/theguerrillamystic