Alejandra Cabrera Abasolo writes the press release for the young singer’s new single

Birmingham-born artist SC.Undercover has released his new single “Morals” following directly his last track “Darkness Before Life”. In these releases, the British musician explores topics close to his heart and his own experience – such as struggling with mental health and addiction – in an attempt to shine light on these delicate and important topics, and incite a conversation around them. 

“It was important to me for this to feel and sound different from the last single but have a connecting story”, he explains. 

“Morals” seamlessly fits with today’s scene and emanates an influence from UK garage, pop and drum & bass, but takes a more commercial approach that draws you in for its fast-paced beats and striking falsetto and vocals, which demonstrate the artist’s impressive vocal range.

SC.Undercover started making music as an escape to a life that was set to follow the path of depression and addiction. What started as an evasion, ended up being a catalyst to the artist’s emotions that birthed a universal sound of varied influences of genres such as dark pop or R&B. 

“Morals”, despite its dark lyricism, is a positive and upbeat proposal that invites the listener to dance their worries away, reflecting on narratives of heartbreak and aspirations of success. The visuals of this single are set in the North American city of Atlanta, in the midst of celebratory fireworks, creating stunning images that serve as a perfect visual depiction of the track.

The UK artist has had a vast array of influences from artists like Frank Sinatra and Prince, to Usher and Coldplay. SCU adds: “Music is universal to me, regardless of genre, I want to be known as an artist to hold commercial success in a variety of different genres”.

“Morals” definitely is a manifestation of what SCU wants to explore and show, a universal track without a set genre that has the recipe for commercial success for its silky production and relatable theme. SC.Undercover debuts a more urban side to his sound and seems to be here to stay.

You can listen to “Morals” on Spotify and SoundCloud, and follow SC.Undercover on Instagram and Facebook.


Alejandra Cabrera Abasolo is a freelance journalist and contributing writer for Threads Radio. She has written for publications such as Mixmag and Vice and is a recent graduate in Journalism from City, University of London. Alejandra has a passion for music and photography, which are the main topics of her work. You can access her recent work at: www.alejandracabrera.com, and contact her on Twitter: @alupicabr and Instagram: @alupicabrera