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Easter Sunday Rave Pre Party Mix Series: #4 Botox Rave Kru

It’s Wednesday, it’s midweek and time for another mix. Our fourth in the series is from Botox Rave Kru (UKAEA)





>>>Name of crew







>>>What do you do



Play live, DJ and produce. Generally, techno that doesn’t sound like techno and non-techno that sounds like techno.




>>>Where can we find your stuff

plus this new band I’m in, we’re playing Supersonic Fest, have a go





>>>Why did you get involved in the event



To have a laugh with mates and pagger out loud music whilst moving our limbs, shouting and necking loads of drinks.



>Tell us about your mix




It veers around quite a bit: smashed-up techno; noisy African and South American business; haunted ambience; disorientating polyrhythms; abrasive glitchiness; mutant dub and garage. The kinda shyte you can expect from me on the nyte.




>>>What room are you playing in for the event



Room 2: The Muntstation




>>>Anything else you’d like to share?



I’m a gentleman so I volunteered to play first. Get to room 2 at 11 sharp and I will give you the heebie jeebies.




For those of you wanting to catch up on the previous mixes, here is a playlist with everything so far:



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