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Introducing: Ryan Calais Cameron, Nouveau Riché

Tice Cin spoke to the co-founder of the award-winning theatre company on authenticity, Black British mental health, the everyman and their place in his work. Ryan Calais Cameron Ryan Calais Cameron is a writer, director, actor and producer from Lewisham. With Shivani...

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Introducing: SUTRA

James Gui caught up with SUTRA / СУТРА after their lineup at COMMON MULTIVERSE INITIATIVE to talk about their group, their collectivist ethos, and the future of music in this hyper-capitalist era. ~~~ James Gui: Who is SUTRA, and what kind of artists comprise SUTRA?...

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Introducing: We Are The Ones

Photograph by Patricia Chang Rounding out the lineups for COMMON MULTIVERSE INITIATIVE on Sunday, March 21, Oakland-based mutual aid and arts collective We Are The Ones were reimagining the role of the arts in empowering marginalized communities. Following their set...

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No Name / Sin Nombre Colectivo: COMMON MULTIVERSE Preview

We caught up with four key members of No Name / Sin Nombre Colectivo—SD-born/SF-based DJ Miguelitooo, SF-born/LA-based rapper and drag performer Kallista D’Amore; Brazil’s Pista Coletiva, and Mexico’s Granie-X—to talk about the collective and their upcoming 6-day arts...

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Próximo: Logic of the what, mate?

A conversation/email rant, between Ruaridh Law and Max Bacharach, 02.2021 Max Bacharach: Plagues, techno, Mr Blobby and Jacques Lacan. . . where do we begin? Lacan said "nothing exists except insofar as it does not exist" – maybe we should begin there? Ruaridh Law:...

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