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Sound Systems and the Legacy of Colonialism

K Redking shares his meditation on the Afro-Carribean roots and fruits of soundsystem culture. On a tour of Jamaica in March this year, Prince William gave a speech expressing his “profound sorrow” over slavery which “should never have happened"—but never explicitly...

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Interview with Technomate co-founder olesia

olesia is a Russian-born, London-based queer DJ. As a selector, it’s safe to say olesia goes in HARD. Think slamming techno, gnarlier 90s tunes and an occasional jaw-grinding vocal thrown in at just the right moment. Having played across the UK capital for...

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INTERVIEW: Lina Silverman

Threads co-editor Alex Honey sat down with rising Moscow-based electro mixtress Lina Silverman, who has been making a name for herself through her relentlessly fun sets in Russia—two of which you can listen back to on Threads and 8Ball. Hi, Lina Hey! What have you...

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REVIEW: Ariadne’s Labyrinth – Ridiom EP

https://soundcloud.com/ariadneslabyrinth/sets/ridiom-ep-al001 On Friday December 3rd, long-time Threads associate and local classical-IDM legend Sharon Subbarao a.k.a. Ariadne's Labyrinth self-released her Ridiom EP. This highly independent project was was made...

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Interview: Meet Nizax

Representing an array of hard techno emitting from the historic town of Melfi in Potenza, Southern Italy, Nizax’s monthly show here on Threads consistently delivers a glut of rough’n’ready rhythms that are shaping the sound of the young DJ and producer, and showcasing...

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I smell a Rat

A short piece of experimental fiction by the reclusive author James Ess. noun: rat; plural noun: rats 3.INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICANa person who is associated with or frequents a specified place."LA mall rats" Thousands digging parallel trenches, somewhere in the Nevada...

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