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Easter Sunday Rave Pre Party Mix Series: #7 Dazed and Confuzed




Name of crew //


Dazed And Confuzed




What do you do //


We hosts several events around London, from Club night to experimental and sophisticated forest party. With international names from the techno scene as: oscar mulero, ancient methods, vatican shadow, dj pete, AnD, steve bicknell, mick harris, jk flesh…just to name few. All made with passion since 2013.


Where can we find your stuff //



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Why did you get involved in the event //

We have a monthly show called ABUZED on Threads and we thought it was a really good thing get involved on this Easter party!



Tell us about your mix //

From everything to everything and something in the middle!



What room are you playing in for the event //

Room 2 – The Rave Cave



Anything else you’d like to share //

As always stay Dazed and live Confuzed. AMEN



Listen below to catch up with the mix series so far



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