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Five Miles x Threads Radio (05/04/19)

On Friday 5th May, Threads Radio and Five Miles team up. We take over the Five Miles club space and bar with a hand picked selection of some of our best DJs and artists.

> Five Miles x Threads Radio <

It’s free before midnight if you write your name on the event wall. £10 after midnight or £5 guaranteed entry tickets on RA.

– Limited £5 anytime entry tickets on sale now:
– Free before midnight (write names on the event wall)
– £10 after midnight

Adriem Atup
Baby K (Coop Audio)
Bioni Samp (Live Electronics) (Aconito/Spirit Tone Recordings)
Chupacabras b2b Timothy J. Fairplay (Crimes of the future/Go Finger/ Pinkman/Tutamen)
Leah Floyeurs
Osc Kins
Torn Relics (Sacred Cour)
Vincent Morris (Flux/Experiment Intrinsic)

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