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GENDER (A project manifesto) & message to all women by Veronique Charlotte


Project Manifesto by Veronique  Charlotte



We are already naked



Gender is a project based on equality and the importance of communication. In the present society concerning mine and the next generations habit of expressing themselves is spoken verbally though emotions are missed.


No one is telling you exactly how they really feel, what’s going on in your life, what are the emotions you are experiencing. So we lose the intent of deepening, the interest of asking. We become a virtual, flat, easy and again invisible “Into the real world”.


It is a chain reaction, a vicious cycle, it may seem like nothing but in the long term all this can only create isolation.


The fear of expressing in real life (the one without social networks, without screens) is actually generating more masks, more fear, premature depression in young people which (in 2019) they should be able to feel free to express themselves without hiding behind a screen.


Our existence is blind except what little we grasp with our senses


Instinct and impulse never betray us. It is a universal law based on the feelings we feel which make us equal on a scale of emotional values. Equality is an essential point at the base of this project.


My goal is to achieve a series of 100 black and white portraits with the shoot itself allowing for an exchange of story and energy with the subject. A passage to make thought a life experience.


Eyes for me are the door to emotion and this is what I’m looking to catch. I will put myself, my emotional and energy state on you. You will use mine to benefit a new connection and level of knowledge.


My intention through this project is to stimulate people into communication, to stop feeling inadequate, different, strange or an outsider



Reconsider the idea of equality based on emotions




My message to all women on International Women’s Day



They say that behind a great man there is always a great woman. My wish today goes to all the women who have decided not to live behind the shadow of anyone.  To those brave that live every day as if it were the last, those who expose themselves, those who are not afraid, those who do difficult jobs, starting in the morning and ending late at night.



Those that wash and clean, the same ones that growing up children by themselves, those who are not afraid to express a judgment. Those there are open to an exchange of opinions the same women who still fight for their rights, every day, punctual , every single days, warriors, audacious, independent, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny.



Those who support each other, who are sincere, who are not afraid. Those that make you lose your mind, those that make you crazy those that make you fall IN LOVE! Those that dance and feel free, free to sing, jump, laugh: free to BE!


Women are the strength of this universe! Women yes! Women who have learned to break down the walls of differences, women who have no prejudices, women you will change the world. Happy International Women’s fucking day, today and every day.



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