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Holding Space – A call to action

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While ‘Holding Space’ is a term we here in relation to helping others through difficult times, this series is a place to showcase where and what holds space for us as creators. When you are holding space for someone else, you are present with them during a time of difficulty without judgement or expectation. Consider how your work and living spaces do that for you? They are there sharing life events from the significant to the banal, ever present and without judgement. To use the phrase ‘if these walls could speak..’ then in this series, we let them be heard.



Threads is based in the heart of Tottenham which is fast becoming a creative, artistic and expressive hub in the capital. It is in its ascendancy and the spaces that make everything possible deserve to be celebrated. However it is our goal to not only explore the spaces local to us in Tottenham but diving deeper into the spaces that are connected by the common threads that are our global community.



Consider the key questions to ask yourself:

What does this space mean to me?
What have I experienced in this space?
What will I always remember this space for?
What excites me about this space?
Why do I want to share this space with the world?



Be as specific or as vague as you like, of course you may want to share where you live but not where you live!



Submission guidance: 3-500 words with at least one hi-res image.



Please contact [email protected] for further info & submissions


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