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We caught up with Ed from DMX Krew to discuss his latest album “Unlikely Seeming”, his creative process, love for vintage hardware, approach to collaboration, and more.

Hi Ed, how are you doing?

I’m alright thanks.

You’ve become known for the 80s hardware-driven sound that we hear on this album. How do you approach making music, are there any pieces of gear or techniques that were useful for achieving this? 

I just go and make it. It comes into my head all the time. Whenever I get the chance I go to my studio and record some of it.

I use a lot of old synths and machines mostly.

Techniques = knowing how to play a bit and knowing some chords doesn’t hurt 🙂

It seems like you’re an inspiration to many aspiring live electronics producers and performers, described by some as the “king of MPC1000”. For example, one user commented on your FOLD set that you are the reason they started playing live, “the way he is enjoying it made me want to start a new hobby”. What do you think drew you to live electronics over DJing, and is there anyone who inspired you?

I used to do both but I stopped DJing about 10 or 12 years ago when clubs decided not to bother looking after the decks any more. There would always be broken needles, broken pitch controls, terrible feedback. It just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. So I decided to stop then. Generally promoters want to pay more for a live set and it’s actually easier for me to do. Musically lots of people have inspired me but I hadn’t really seen anyone play techno music live at the time when I started doing it.

This latest album is a bit of a South-West collaboration, with Byrd Out in Cheltenham, and you in nearby Stroud. What do you think about the area you live in? What’s going on musically?

I love the area that I live in, it’s beautiful and peaceful. Musically, not much happening unless you’re into bluegrass or folk I think. But I could be wrong. I don’t really go out unless I am playing a gig. We do have two amazing record shops in my little town and I often hang out in one of them with my turntable and sampler making hiphop loops.

I’d love to talk to you more about your collaborations—who have you enjoyed working with? We’re also curious how you approach this project as DMX Krew differently from your impressive list of aliases, such as 101 Force, Asylum Seekers, Bass Potato, Chester Louis III, and others.

I haven’t done many collabs. I sometimes have made tracks with friends and one or two of them have even come out.

As far as the aliases are concerned, I just make a lot of music. There was a moment in the late 90s when I wanted to release so much stuff so I started making up different names for it. But it’s all me.

The album title, Unlikely Seeming, suggests that you’re defying expectations in some way. Is there a story behind the name you can share?

Not really, I just type in whatever words come to mind after I’ve recorded some music and want to save it on the computer.

Looking ahead, with the new album out in the world, what are your hopes for the future? Are there any upcoming projects or releases that you’re working on?

Next releases are a double LP on Hypercolour “Spiral Dance” plus an EP on NS/A “Brain Mutants” and another on Curtis Electronix. Got millions more tracks if anyone wants ‘em 🙂

My biggest hope for the future is world peace / an end to tories / putin / trump etc but what are the chances of that?

Thanks very much for your time, Ed.

Editor: Alex H Honey

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