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NEWS: Threads to host Wards Corner fundraiser for 4th anniversary

Words: Alec Jetha

On Saturday, the 11th of February, Threads celebrates its 4th birthday by throwing a fundraiser event in collaboration with the Wards Corner Community Benefit Society. Held at the Post Bar, situated in the heart of Seven Sisters, the anniversary event aims to raise funds towards the 20 years of campaigning done to protect Latin Village from the looming threats of commercial redevelopment. Expect a night of live music acts and DJs encompassing everything from Latin, Afrobeat, Jazz and more.

Over its four eventful years, Threads has firmly established a home within the Haringey area. Being situated right at the heart of Tottenham Hale station, the independent radio station has taken every opportunity to embed itself with the local community surrounding it. This enterprise has entailed everything from organising events celebrating aspects of local culture alongside collaborations with local organisations all over Tottenham and Seven Sisters⁠—and despite Threads’ current nomadic status, its presence within the community remains. 

In keeping with this ethos of interconnectivity and collective community, Threads’ latest collaboration sees them working with Wards Corner CBS (community benefit society) to throw a fundraiser event for their 4th anniversary. But what is the significance of this fundraiser for the local area of Tottenham; what is a CBS? Wards Corner CBS was first set up with the aim of a community-led renovation of the indoor Seven Sisters Market and historic Wards buildings to create a new cultural & social hub for everyone.

The Seven Sisters Market also goes by another name, Latin Village. This market holds a unique cultural significance for the surrounding areas. Its name, Latin Village, relates to the 120 businesses operating in the market that are run by or cater to the large Latin American community in Tottenham. The market, a celebrated symbol of the multicultural nature of London; and an important social hub for the migrant community in Tottenham, faces threats of commercial redevelopment. A CBS function is to serve the broader interests of the community; in the case of Wards Corner, they are fighting to protect, restore and run the buildings for the benefit of the local community. As a CBS, it offers a more democratic solution in the hands of the community rather than The Creative Land Trust, who seemingly plan to use the building space for private artist studio spaces which offer a high likelihood of accelerating gentrification in the area.

The campaign to preserve these buildings has been ongoing for around 20 years⁠—and with the expanding gentrification in the surrounding Tottenham area, the threats of commercial redevelopment aren’t halting. The efforts to save the Latin Village are more important than ever.

If you want to read more about Wards Corner, head to their website, where you can read up in more detail about the history of the struggle and the plans they’re proposing. You can also hear a brief intro about Wards Corner from a short interview Threads did with one of their members Jacobo Belilty.

The fundraiser is held at the Post Bar. Situated just down the road from Seven Sisters station, the Post Bar has built itself a reputation within the local Tottenham area. Offering everything from a vibrant fusion cuisine kitchen to an electric space for live music. The fundraiser event will run from 6 pm to 3 am at the Post Bar, incorporating an eclectic balance of live acts and DJs. In keeping with the theme, the lineup caters to a diverse audience, showcasing both the assorted sounds of Threads Radio and the varied multiculturalism of the Tottenham area. Acts include Threads residents such as Uncle Mo and a solo performance from Jazzi Bobbi—as well as NTS regular Architect and many more. If you fancy heading down to support the cause and checking out what’s on offer, you can grab a ticket through Resident Advisor

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