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Recovery Pride 2020 x Threads – 16-20 – Nov -20

Recovery Pride is an annual event held in Haringey as part of a national celebration of Recovery. The event is supported and funded by Haringey Council.

This year, Pride events will be held between November 16-20. There will also be activities running from October to December, including a specific Families project and a Young People’s Project.

Due to Covid, this year’s Pride will involve a number of virtual events and at Threads, we are delighted to be showcasing a series of broadcasts throughout the week:

  • every day throughout the week at 10:00 (GMT) – ‘Recovery Bitesize’ pieces; interviewing service users, staff and families; asking what recovery means to them.
  • Friday 20th November, 15:00-17:00 (GMT) – a special Recovery Pride Radio show – showcasing the work undertaken by services in Haringey, with a special award ceremony.

The basic aims of Recovery Pride are:

• To celebrate and recognise positive achievements by individuals affected by substance misuse

• To celebrate and recognise families and carers who have positively supported a loved one

• Celebrate the work undertaken by services in the area and individuals working in them

• To promote and encourage others to make positive changes


Monday 16th November – 10:00am
In conversation with Jean and Syed (Haringey Recovery Services) and Serena (The Grove)

Tuesday 17th November – 10:00am
In conversation with Hariet and Junaid (HAGA)

Wednesday 18th November – 10:00am
In conversation with Jackie (HAGA), Jane (Dual Diagnosis Network) and Emma (Haringey Drug and Alcohol Services)

Thursday 19th November – 10:00am
In conversation with Jonathan and Gary (Service Users)

Friday 20th November – 10:00am
In conversation with Ronnie and Michelle (BUBIC) and discussions about the stigma around addiction

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Artwork: Jasper Golding

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