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Well, its 2019 and we at Creative Alliance are calling it the year of CHANGE! We are saying goodbye to old and hello to the Go Get it! We are living in a time where everywhere we look, we see that things are not the same and this has left us with uncertainty, fatigue and frustration. Some of the changes we see are positive (which is important to acknowledge and celebrate) but unfortunately there are a lot of negatives that seem to hold us back from fulfilling our true potential.


The REAL question is what do you actually want to change, where do you want to be and how do you plan on getting there?


How many times have you heard creatives complain of lack of opportunity? Having ideas that they have not been able to get into fruition or having ideas rejected by the old school decision makers?


Well, we are saying ‘NO MORE!!’ Never has there been a more prime time for creatives to stand together and focus on what we want changed in the industry using our people power. That means speaking out, supporting the new, being brave enough to be different, voting with our feet and standing loud and proud in our truth.


We started the Creative Alliance Show for ALL creatives to have a network that supports, encourages and inspires creatives and audiences on all levels. Our podcast gives you access to the best industry professionals who often don’t get the platform they deserve to share the truth about the highs and lows of the industry. They give an insight into their creative journeys and share practical advice that can change listeners’ outlook on their career options thus enabling the listener to make the most of their opportunities. We ask each of our special guests to share their most important tips, knowledge and wisdom. After listening to the show, we would love to hear what you think and how you intend to use this personally.


For now, let’s start with our January’s word of the month TRUTH! We believe that with real change comes honesty and truth. The world is crying out for us all to be more transparent because that is where we find our true strength in unity. So how can you access your truth and begin to take control of your desired CHANGE of 2019?


Step one– question yourself and give honest answers! We have to start by being honest with ourselves to evaluate where we are starting from. This not only helps give you direction and motivation but gives you a marker for progression.


Step two– what held you back from your achievements last year and how can you avoid them in future? Who wants to keep making the same mistakes like a hamster on the wheel? We have spent too much time repeating the same things and getting the same result. STOP. TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!


Step three– What can you realistically achieve this year and what steps will you take to achieve them. Being realistic is the key. No one is saying don’t dream big but setting unachievable goal posts does nothing for your self-esteem. Trust me I’m done with feeling like shit!


Step four– PLAN! As creatives our minds are a buzz with ideas and day dreams that we often neglect the importance of Good effective planning. Let me introduce you to your new best friend MR/Mrs/Gender non-specific ‘JOURNAL’ Invest and buy yourself a good quality journal NOW. I mean right NOW, (Trust me you will thank me later) and use it EVERYDAY! Not only is it your best route to achievement it is also a great way to document your progress. It enables you to look at your successes and highlight your mistakes allowing you to see the TRUTH about your own personal journey, thus empowering you to make the changes you want to lose or keep.


Join the Creative Alliance year of CHANGE.!


Tolu Stedford

The Creative Alliance show.

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