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We are going to be sharing what is going on inside the Threads world in a new regular update giving so you can keep up to speed and not miss out. The thing I love about Threads (this is Al btw, hello!) is that we are a community driven entity yet our community is global. This is so important because as we move through 2019 and beyond we are living in a time that is exploring post-national identity, not so much in terms of the traditional standpoint of language, culture, food, ideology but ideas. There is a great opportunity to share, while this might not be the loudest voice you hear in the media it is important to take a moment to see what is going on around us. Yes the world is in turmoil yet these could be viewed as growing pains. The UK is very much going through a collective identity crisis yet we are lucky to live in a world that we can sidestep all of this and connect in different ways. So we have a few interesting things to share with you:





We have two events this weekend, one ‘Earthly Measures‘ where our resident captains Freddie Sugden and Lee Kirk Fagan as Medallion Man & LKF performing a b2b set (Loose Lips/Things Disappear) take over the bar room at Five Miles in Tottenham this evening alongside Multi Culti (Canadian psychedelic supremos) host the main space. Also from the Threads family we have: The Third Worst DJ in England (Threads Radio), Night Nurse (Umbilical Chords), LAANI (Brownswood), Jack Miguel (Solid Gold Telephone) Tom Williams aka Deathbeast (Electric Nougat/Threads).



Coming up on Sunday is ‘Neighbourhood Cotch’ which is a semi-mysterious event (as in I have purposefully been asked to keep public details to a minimum). So all I can tell you is:


Neighbourhood Cotch is a new London based Sunday after-hours listening session focused on community spirit, well-being and the dankest downtempo. Holding monthly events they aim to bring together all flavours of friends to an open and inclusive environment to encourage communication, creativity and sustainable partying while enjoying wholesome nourishment, both edible and audible. Next instalment is on the 17th March in South London, Get in touch at [email protected] or to be involved.





This weekend we have two live streams happening from Berlin & Melbourne


First up is Berlin:


Threads Radio and Threads*ZK/U present their second live broadcast from Berlin’s Moabit. 11-22 CET / 10-21 GMT


Threads*ZK/U specializes in thematic deep dives and musical research. This edition presents enquiries into machine music, spoken word and sentimental pop, local knowledge from the music scenes of Eastern Europe and Manchester, and power from SISTAS following International Women’s Day.

Threads*ZK/U is the sister-studio of Threads radio (London). It builds on the dynamic interconnectivity of the ZK/U Berlin echoing its drive towards meaning-creation and disruption in the urban sphere.


– Always Ready But Never Prepared (Jon Snow) w/ Cressida (Voitax) – A deep unscripted look into the different souls of the music world.

– Art Needs An Operation (Calvin Scherer) UK – Exploring underground music scenes from Eastern Europe, from Russian Black Metal to Polish Gabber.

– Habitat Shaking (Roman Selezinka, Radioactivitat) – eliminating borders between music genres

– Lunar Transmissions (Rachael Van Heathcote) – thoughts and sounds from cosmic adventures.

– Machine Learning: Morgan Trista (Stroke Order/Sacred Sound Club, Vancouver) – eclectic sets from minimal wave to maximal rave.

– Medallion Man (Loose Lips/Threads) UK – an insight into Manchester’s musical currents.

– Sentimental Songs: DJ Sentimentemily – a critical historical commentary on pop music.

– SISTAS show with Alithea: featuring Daybee Dee, Choreographer and DJ extraordinaire.

– Stack Music: Konrad Sprenger (PAN / choose) presents a mix of contemporary and historical mechanical music.

– Weirding Module No. 4: Nathan Gray – speech in the context of contemporary art and experimental music.






Following our interview with ‘The Omega Point‘ it came to light during the conversation that they were hosting a special event on 17th of March with some friends in the area. So what better way to check them out than to host a live stream!  This will run from 09:00-12:00 GMT / 10:00 – 13:00 CET



That’s all for now!

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