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Threads*Hamilton (11/05/19)

Last week we hosted our first ever Threads* pop-up stream in the States, and today, it’s the first ever in Canada!

We head to Hamilton, on the western tip of Lake Ontario, for an insight into a city which has a techno legacy connected to the early days of Richie Hawtin, but which is being kept alive by only a few special folk, especially Trevor Wilkes who has invited the Loose Lips crew over for a party at Studio L14 tonight!

We’ve got a live performance, interviews, and some raucous DJ sets for ya!


– CNTRL Machine – live hardware techno set

– Christina Sealey (Orphx) – interview, hosted by Kortzer

– Kortzer b2b Medallion Man (Loose Lips/Limbo Radio/Threads Radio) – DJ set

– Kevin Kartwell (Studio L14) – DJ set

– Trevor Wilkes (Studio L14) – interview, hosted by Medallion Man

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