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Threads*Livadista at N-H // LON Festival, Struga (15/06/19)

We’re travelling again to Macedonia!

This 15th of June, Threads Radio will host the after party stage of N-H // LON Festival Struga 2019 on the beautiful beach of Livadista in Struga, Macedonia!
Streaming from 6:30 to 20:00 at with 2 of our residents as well as local DJs and acts.


Herzel -Live- (Hivern Discs, Uncanny Valley)
T-Scale ( Loose Lips , Faster Than Music, Threads)
– Martchin (Btkrsh, Desonanz Festival)
– Diah (Btkrsh, Code XX)
– Marko Rikaloski
– Ivana Dragsic (Дiskorдia, Kanal 103)
– JoSs (HAUZ)
– Prince$$ Donatsu (TRAP DA FUCK UP)

Healthy snacks and refreshments by Center – Lounge & Fresh Bar.

Threads is a community focused station, curating a unique selection of music, whilst also providing a platform for a range of socially, politically & comedic talk-based content. Threads* hosts content from their Berlin sister studio as well as regional shows from partner city districts around the World.
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