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Threads*ZK/U All-Day Pop Up Stream (08/06/19)

????????????????????????????*????????/???? is the sister-studio of Threads radio (London). It builds on the dynamic interconnectivity of the ZK/U Berlin, echoing its drive towards meaning-creation and disruption in the urban sphere.

Hosting a convergence of sonic research join us on June 8th for a cross-genre exploration of sentimental songs about death with Dj Sentimentemily, an enquiry into trance from sound artist and Dj H3ir, a live set of dark electronics from Border Menace, new Weirding Module and sub_ʇxǝʇ with Theater X and special guest Steven Warwick brings you The Riddle of the Imp on the Mezzanine.


????????????????????????????*????????/???? ist das Schwesterstudio von Threads radio (London). Es baut auf der dynamischen Vernetzung des ZK/U Berlin auf und spiegelt sein Streben nach Bedeutungsbildung und -unterbrechung im urbanen Bereich wider.

Eine Konvergenz der Klangforschung bietet uns am 8. Juni eine genreübergreifende Erforschung sentimentaler Lieder über den Tod mit Dj Sentimentemily, eine Untersuchung der Trance von Klangkünstler und Dj H3ir, ein Live-Set dunkler Elektronik von Border Menace, ein neues Weirding Module und sub_ʇxǝʇ mit Theater X und Special Guest Steven Warwick bringt Ihnen The Riddle of the Imp on the Mezzanine.

This broadcast features (in alphabetical order, time TBA):

???????????????????? ????????????????????????: ZK/U resident Laura Yuile introduces her podcast series set around the viewing of different luxury properties; led by the artist (posing as a potential buyer) and an invited guest.

????????????_ʇ????ǝʇ ????????????????????????????????: ???????????????????????? ????????????????????: host Alex Head catches up with the work in protest of fellow artist-activists on the Berlin scene.

???????????????????????? ????????????????????????: A live set of dark electronics from the solo project of Australian Musician Alex Lee (Repairs, Subterranean Rain)

???????????? ???????????????????????????? ????/ ???????????????? ????????????????????: Sonotherapeutic frequencies for healing; A virtual wellness spa for your third ear.

????????????_ʇ????ǝʇ ????????????????????????????????: ???????????????????? ???????????????????? ????, new work from the British coast featuring all you musical favourites!

???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????.????: ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? (Shelter Press, Long Form Editions) “Fauna In Flora”

???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????/ ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????: (Heatsick, HSBC) a radio play about evil, retribution and redemption in popular culture and folklore.

???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????. ????: w/ DJ Sentimentemily – a cross-genre exploration of sentimental songs about death.

???????????????????????????????????? ????/ ????????????????: traces the outlines of the feeling known as “trance” across subjectivities genre and temporality.

???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????. ???? ????/ ???????????????????????? ????????????????: A continuing exploration of speech in the context of contemporary art and experimental music.

???????????? ????????/???? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????: The Berlin Fact-Finding Committee (“UA”) intends to tie local discourse to global practices brought to ZK/U by its international artists-in-residence.

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