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Threads*MKC Pop Up – Day & Night (02/03/19)

Threads* is the second stream of Threads, a radio station with studio bases in London & Berlin, curating a unique & diverse selection of music, also providing a platform for a range of social, political & comedic talk-based content. Threads*MKC is the radio's first...

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In the neighbourhood * Paris / Festival Les Sonifères

With this new recurring piece, I will aim to focus on events of various types, linked in that they involve key players, artists and activists who help fostering local scenes. To kickstart the Paris variant of this series, it just made sense to pen a few words about...

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Sober. I remember the first time I tasted alcohol at twelve years old. The minute it touched my lips I wanted more. As I grew up, this kept happening. Everyone else was doing it and this was just what you did. I grew up in London, so around seventeen, started going to...

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Holding Space – A call to action

While ‘Holding Space’ is a term we here in relation to helping others through difficult times, this series is a place to showcase where and what holds space for us as creators. When you are holding space for someone else, you are present with them during a time of...

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Canopy Presents w/ Noqualms

UK Funky. What is it? What was it? These were questions I wasn’t asking just a few years ago. Despite working in a few clubs during university in Nottingham (Stealth prime amongst them) and, unavoidably, catching the tunes by the most well-known producers and artists...

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Threads: the beginning.

What and who is Threads radio? Well, according to Lee Kirk-Fagan the station’s co-conspirator, it’s very much the, ‘collective will of the people involved.’ I joined the previous incarnation of Threads (199Radio) in March of 2018 after casually messaging the station’s...

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SISU: Platforming Womxn in Music

  SISU is a Finnish concept; it stands for the philosophy ‘what must be done will be done, regardless of what it takes.’ Sisu is the special strength and persistent determination that resolves to continue and overcome any moment of adversity using a combination of...

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Welcome to Brain Rub

How do you remember your past? What stories or events stick out in your memory? For many it will be Brit-Pop and World Cup near misses. For others it will be raves around the M25, fights outside a chip shop and terrible fashion decisions. Your memory of your time here...

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