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Threads*ZK/U Pop-Up #2 – All Day Stream (16/03/19)

Threads Radio and Threads*ZK/U present their second live broadcast from Berlin’s Moabit. Listen back to all the days shows here Threads*ZK/U specializes in thematic deep dives and musical research. This edition presents enquiries into machine music, spoken word and...

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Latin Village Fiesta! 23/3/19

     (Artwork by Javie Huxley)   So following on from our Latin Village Takeover Show on February 14th, we agreed to help arrange the Latin Village Fiesta (Fundraising event) in partnership with Grow Tottenham and the Save Latin Village Campaign. It seemed like only...

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An interview with Cordell Johnson

Cordell Johnson was in the guest mix for the March edition of the Noetic Show on Threads*Aubervilliers, which you can hear below. No3sis got to interview him as a companion piece to the show.     March 6, 2019, 7pm in Paris. A windy night, drinking a beer in a café...

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The Thread (News)

Incoming transmission from Threads HQ!     We are going to be sharing what is going on inside the Threads world in a new regular update giving so you can keep up to speed and not miss out. The thing I love about Threads (this is Al btw, hello!) is that we are a...

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(IWD 2019) In Conversation with: Lora Krasteva

In Conversation with: Lora Krasteva       Photo: Nayomi Roshini     Lora recently appeared on new Threads Women focused culture show ‘Tell me about it’ for which I was taking photos and took the opportunity to sit down with Lora for a quick discussion as part of...

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(IWD 2019) In conversation with… A Sex Worker

In conversation with: Mystery Guest who shall not be named for reasons of stigma who is a member of the Sex Work community         As our programme for International Women’s Day (IWD) on Threads Editorial relates to representation, conversation and sharing of ideas. I...

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Roots Sisters Roundup (by Aisha Khan)

Roots Sisters - Contemporary Female Performers of Roots Music   Written by Aisha Khan     The Roots Sisters are a group of women that perform Roots music. Singers, songwriters, musicians and DJs, they all share a passion for the music and a desire to add something...

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